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What Is FaceTite & EmbraceRF Facial Contouring?

FaceTite is a minimally-invasive contouring procedure using radiofrequency-assisted liposuction (RFAL). It is an effective non-surgical alternative to traditional neck & facelifts and provides dramatically shorter recovery times.

The FaceTite procedure requires just a few small incisions to insert a small, handheld radiofrequency device. This device uses thermal energy to liquify fat cells and stimulate collagen production. Then, broken down fat cells are suctioned out while the skin tightens at the same time, leaving a more defined facial contour.

FaceTite is FDA-approved and extremely effective for achieving a more defined facial contour. It can treat areas with deep lines and loose skin anywhere above the shoulders, but it is usually recommended for tightening the chin, jowls, cheeks, neck, eyes, mouth, brow, forehead, or jawline.

EmbraceRF combines FaceTite facial contouring and the Morpheus8 microneedle to deliver the most advanced non-surgical neck & facelift available. 

While FaceTite is incredible for dramatic changes in facial contour, its effects are even more impressive when combined with the Morpheus8 Microneedle. The Morpheus8 is a fractional treatment, meaning it’s able to make small, detailed skin tightening changes based on your unique needs.

The #1 Provider of FaceTite Facial Contouring & Non-Surgical Facelifts in St. Louis, MO
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Why FaceTite & EmbraceRF Facial Contouring

As we age, our skin naturally begins to lose its elasticity. This is because we lose collagen in our skin as we get older, which provides structure and firmness to our skin. Eventually, this loss of collagen and elasticity results in jowls on the lower face, deep wrinkles, and loose skin on the neck. 

Unfortunately, many people who want to improve these signs of aging find that non-surgical options like fillers aren’t enough. Historically, even non-surgical facelifts haven’t been able to match the results of a traditional facelift. But then, people are rightly reluctant to get a facelift because of the risks involved.

That’s where EmbraceRF comes in. The procedure provides a dramatic improvement in skin firmness on the face and neck, which was previously only possible through a surgical procedure like a lower neck and facelift. 

If you’re one of the many people who want the dramatic results of a facelift without having to undergo invasive surgery, EmbraceRF comes very close to the outcome of a facelift. It is the perfect treatment for patients looking for a more defined facial contour.

If you’ve begun to notice some lower facial sagging, a double chin, loss of jawline contour, jowls, and marionette lines, Dr. Zachary Willis at Willis Cosmetic Surgery provides EmbraceRF to help target these common signs of aging. EmbraceRF can provide significant improvements to your face contour in just one treatment.

EmbraceRF may be an excellent option to consider if:

  • You feel self-conscious about the way your face & neck look due to sagging skin
  • You feel that your face makes you look much older than you feel 
  • You feel that an aging appearance is negatively affecting your career or personal relationships 
  • You’re not quite ready for a surgical facelift, but need something more than fillers can offer
  • You want a procedure that will produce minimal scarring and very little recovery time

What Results to Expect With EmbraceRF Facial Contouring

Though this treatment tightens loose skin over 3-4 months after the procedure, you should see visibly firmer skin and a more defined facial contour in just one week (and sometimes immediately). 70% of results appear within just six weeks. The best results are noticeable after six months and will continue to improve for up to a year after treatment.

One of the main benefits of EmbraceRF is that it penetrates more deeply into the skin than other energy treatments. Though its skin-tightening effects are FDA-approved to last one year, many patients report results lasting up to five years.

After those five years, It’s important to note that you will not just go back to the way you looked before. More than likely you will see a gradual reduction in skin tightness over time as you lose collagen naturally with age. Luckily, lifestyle choices such as using sunscreen daily, hydrating, adopting a good skincare regimen, and abstaining from smoking will help your results last as long as possible.

Because EmbraceRF is minimally invasive, downtime is normally just 3-4 days. Traditional facelifts and laser treatments require much more time for recovery.


Meet Dr.zachary willis

Double Board Certified Cosmetic & General Surgeon in St. Louis, MO

Dr. Zachary Willis is a double board-certified surgeon in both cosmetic and general surgery. Additionally, he’s a leading expert in liposuction and skin tightening. After a general surgery residency in St. Louis, MO, he furthered his education and completed a full body cosmetic surgery fellowship. During this fellowship Dr. Willis perfected his techniques for breast augmentations, abdominoplasties, liposuction, minimally invasive facial surgery, and many other procedures.

Dr. Willis is a well-known authority and physician trainer for minimally invasive body contouring procedures, namely BodyTite and FaceTite. These procedures combine liposuction and skin tightening and deliver results only previously achieved through more excisional surgical procedures. Dr. Willis performs BodyTite and FaceTite in the office under local anesthesia. 

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